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We love Timbernook in the Woods

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Timbernook nature-based day camp is in a wooded, shady and peaceful site that offers a space for kids to explore, create, and build connections. At the heart of the programming is the philosophy that children flourish when given the time and space to play in sensory-rich, experiential learning environments. Bringing exploration and nature together results in a truly unique way to reach children at a key point in their development.

Most programming designed for children these days is highly structured, leaving them with little time to think for themselves. TimberNook programs provide ample time for children to exercise their imagination, take risks, confront challenges, and experience free play–and they do it all in the great outdoors.

This program offers the ultimate sensory experience for children, challenging the mind, body and the senses through meaningful outdoor play opportunities. Each experience has been unique to the group of children, and includes free play in sensory-rich learning environments to further enhance play schemes.

Woodland ER

Wizards Lab

Heroes & Villains



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