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Red Gate Farm Academy

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

We found yet another hidden Central Florida treasure! In the age of COVID, I can't think of anything safer than a friendly, welcoming outdoor farm visit. Even if there wasn't a pandemic raging through Florida, a day at this farm is time well spent. The Red Gate Academy offers the Farmer for a Day Experience. Finding the location was very easy, and the drive along the country backroad was scenic. This farm is located about 30 minutes outside of Orlando in Geneva. Our host, Laura, was full of southern hospitality and greeted us with a smile at the gate. Laura was an extraordinary teacher, gently leading the children through various tasks on the farm.

Our visit began with exploring a beautiful open-air barn. Inside the barn, there was a friendly donkey and 4 beautiful horses. There were plenty of fans blowing the cool air in every direction. We started by feeding the horses and Lola, the resident guardian donkey. Following that, the boys took turns grooming the donkey. We also had the opportunity to pick a lucky horse to receive a shower. The boys picked a huge gentle, retired racehorse named Elvis. It was a hot day, and he doesn't sweat, so I think he enjoyed it. I was surprised at how delicate and calm the horse was around excited, loud children.

There were tons of feathered friends, including chickens, a rooster, and geese. The birds were fun, and we fed them too. The goose pond area was my youngest child's favorite location. He called in the peaceful zone, and he was right; it had good energy back there. There was one friendly chicken, Ms. Frizzle, that my son was able to pick up. The boys also got the opportunity to witness a chicken lay an egg.

Goats are always a favorite with our family. We bonded with sweet petunia and the baby goat spike. We fed them and spent time petting and playing with them. The last two animals that we enjoyed time with were a giant angora bunny with a fresh haircut and a tiny potbelly pig named Violet. Both were sweet and gentle. The boys fed them carrots, pineapple, and tomatoes.

Last but not least, we enjoyed some lunch and free time. We had access to an adorable farmhouse-style porch and mudroom with a bathroom to wash hands and clean up before lunch. This area was so charming; I wish I would have taken some pictures because it was Pinterest-worthy! The boys were allowed to roam the farm independently, visiting the animals they most adored. We tried our hand at a game of horseshoes. Then spent the rest of our afternoon enjoying the happiness that a day outdoors with animals on the farm can bring you.


  • Reach out to the Red Gate Academy.

  • Reserve your visit of choice. Prices range from $20 - $65.

  • Show up and your assigned time & enjoy.

  • Pay with pay pal, Venmo, or cash.

All pictures are property of YoungEdisons, and everything noted in this post was paid for personally.

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