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Cheyne Ranch

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Our Family visit to Cheyne Ranch was nothing short of magical! This Ranch provides a wholesome learning experience for the kids. We met at least six horses, goats, cats, dogs, bunnies, and chickens during our Family Visit! We learned about the animals, saw them up close, had an opportunity to pet and groom horses, and even took our first horse and pony ride around the property.

We started our adventure feeding chickens, visiting the coop, and seeing where they lay their eggs. The boys each got some feed and jumped right in, making friends with every critter they met. Then we moved on to the sweetest Bunny room I have ever seen in my life. This open-air room has three super cozy areas that dangle from their barn ceiling; our hosts handed each child a soft cuddly bunny once we were situated. I can imagine easily spending the entire afternoon just enjoying the calming bunny room.

Next up was the feeding and grooming gentle giant horses. After thoroughly brushing both a pony and a horse, the boys each got a turn to experience their first ride.

After our barn tour, we washed up and enjoyed a picnic lunch at the Cheyne Ranch Playground. There was an airplane seesaw, climbing dome, swings, trampoline, slides, and playhouses. My kids burned off whatever remaining energy they had left before we took our short trip home.

If you are looking for a hands-on outdoor learning experience the whole family can enjoy, I highly recommend Cheyne Ranch. The facility also offers other services to our community, including but not limited to: Family Visits, Nature Clubs, Yoga, Riding Lessons, Occupational Therapy, reading lessons, Equine Therapy, and Kid's Night Out. Check out all they have to offer at:

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