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Time 4 Learning: Math

If you need something that lays out scope and sequence and requires little input from a parent, Time4Learning does a nice job. I appreciated that my child could navigate to the next grade when the material in his current grade was mastered.

Each lesson has learning videos, games, quizzes, and tests. They also provide physical worksheets to go along with each chapter. The other thing that was great about Time4learning is the reporting they provide.

We covered these subjects with

Time4Learning First Grade Math:

  • Number Sense

  • Fractions

  • Operations

  • Money

  • Patterns

  • Algebra

  • Shapes

  • Positions

  • Using Shapes

  • Spatial Sense

  • Time

  • Length

  • Weight

  • Capacity

  • Temperature

  • Graphing

  • Using Data

  • Probability

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