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Math Games: Secrets of the Dragon & Magical Workshop

We're currently under the OSMO spell; enchanted with Secrets of the Dragon & Magical Workshop.

In Magical Workshop, kids can practice addition, subtraction, place value, and number comparison by brewing potions with dragon claws and sparkle dust and counting balloons to help dragons fly. The set includes four games and accessories, such as a mixing mat, sticker sheets, a spellbook, counting cubes, and counting rods.

The Magical Workshop gives children the ability to practice the following skills:

1. Addition and subtraction within 120

2. Counting and place value

3. Comparison of numbers

In Secrets of the Dragons, kids can learn about measurement by exploring the Dragon Reserve and its biomes. As dragon scouts, they can discover new dragons, measure and feed them based on their size.

Secrets of the Dragons gives children the ability to practice the following skills:

1. Standard measurements (rulers with centimeters and inches)

2. Non-standard measurement (measuring using food tiles)

3. Counting and estimation

It's lovely to see my kids enjoy building confidence and math skills through stealth learning. Having a child who gets restless quickly and does not enjoy workbooks, I find these games are a friendly alternative to practice 1st and 2nd-grade math skills.

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