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  • Writer's pictureElizabeth for Math for math is always a pleasure. My kids already enjoy math, and this platform gamifies each lesson. There are segments and each segment includes lessons, games, or learning videos. If your child has trouble with a concept or you want to reinforce what you have learned, there are tons of worksheets on every subject to print out.

So far my kids have worked through Pre k- 3rd grade, each at or above their own grade level. It's nice to tick the grade appropriate boxes on this platform each year.

We enjoy completing our grade level each year because their programming aligns with the common core state standards. In addition, my son is familiar with the characters, and the games are fun.

The Premium membership is $16 a month or $10 a month if you commit to an annual package. The membership gives you unlimited access to all printable and digital resources for PreK - 7th grade, including worksheets, workbooks, custom worksheets, activities, activity books, lesson plans, and science fair projects. It also includes unlimited access to Brainzy, interactive Guided Lessons (online games and exercises for Math, Reading, and Typing), access to Progress Tracker, and the ability to produce digital assignments.

All pictures are property of YoungEdisons, and everything noted in this post was paid for personally.

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