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An Outdoor Play Jam & Drum Circle

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

My children discovered Caravan Learning long before the pandemic. Every Friday, we would wake up early, pack a lunch and take off for hours of outdoor exploration and learning, all led by Mr. Mark. Mark is a knowledgeable teacher with a kind demeanor and knack for teaching children while letting life and real-world experiences equally fill their minds.

I am always looking for a celebration and reason to gather our small tribe, so Valentines Day is no exception. The idea of celebrating love with all the dividedness that seems going around these days just felt right to me. So I Invited some friends, asked my MIL to help with sweet treats (a beautiful baker), and reached out to Mr. Mark for a drum lesson.

Mr. Mark showed up right on time with a sound system and 6 authentic hand drums- and that is where the magic began. The children gathered around in no time, each with an instrument in hand and a smile on their face. Somehow Mr. Mark was able to sneak in a relevant lesson using drums. He told a story while leading the circle that entailed feeling incomplete and eventually discovering self-integration and experiencing love.

I would book a drum circle with Mr. Mark every day of the week if I could. Not only is playing the drums a creative opportunity and music lesson, but it also helps with crossing the midline and activating proprioception. Drumming has been scientifically linked to increased brain functioning, higher academic achievement, stress relief, increased immunity, physical fitness, and more. Mr. Mark told me years ago that everyone has their own rhythm, and he would have to elaborate more on that. Still, I am one happy customer when it comes to group music lessons with Caravan Learning.

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