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Happy Meadows Farm

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

We found a local escape with a private view at Happy Meadows Farm. This farm offers private tours where kids can enjoy a hands-on experience.

We spent the morning swinging on a tire, crafting and petting a baby cow. Our host, Bennye, created adorable activity tables full of puzzles, books, and toys about farm life. She also had a cute paper plate cow craft prepare for each child. The star of the show was Bruno, a baby Miniature cow. He was sweet as could be and relished all of the kid's attention.


  • Reach out to Happy Meadows Farm via Facebook or Instagram and let them know that you are interested in visiting.

  • Set up an appointment for a 1/2 hour or hour session. We had to book about a month in advance. Prices were between $30-$40 when we signed up.

  • Show up and your assigned time & enjoy.

  • Pay with pay pal, Venmo, or cash.

All pictures are property of YoungEdisons and everything noted in this post was paid for personally.

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