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London Calls

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Here is our unit study on London.

We read two books:

London Calls

London Calls takes children on a lyrical trip around London but what we love most is that the pictures in this book represent the beautiful diversity of the people in the city. ⁠

There are faces of all colors, people wearing turbans, kufi caps, hijabs, rastacaps - a wonderful reflection of the real life diversity of this cosmopolitan city.⁠

London: A Book of Opposites

London can be rainy, or it can be sunny.

Some Buckingham Palace guards are big, and others are little.

Explore opposites through the sights of London in this gorgeous board book!

We Crafted:

  • a Kings Crown

  • a"Banksy" suncatcher

  • two Double Decker Busses

  • a Foggy London Town Scene.

(Not pictured is an English Tea Party.)

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