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LetterSchool - Learn to write the ABC Alphabet

LetterSchool is the #1 abc alphabet tracing and handwriting app. It is intuitive, and educational game. Before you know it, my kid was writing the entire English alphabet!

• Learn how to write all the letters of the ABC English alphabet and the numbers 1-10.

• Play and discover 3 exciting game modes per letter or number!

• Practice essential phonics and writing skills.

• Learn WORDS associated with the letters!

• Have fun while tracing letters & phonics!


Intro - Discover the shape, phonics, name, and sound of all the 26 letters of the alphabet, as well numbers 1-10!

Tap - Learn where to start to write the letters and numbers and finish by tapping the dots in the correct order.

Trace – Learn the letter trajectory and direction of lines by tracing it.

Write - Test your knowledge by writing the ABC and numbers from memory!


- Uppercase and lowercase letters + numbers 1-10 + geometric shapes!

- Two exciting levels: Silver and Gold (with new animations).

- Progress and settings stored for up to three players on the same device.

- In A-Z section, specific graphics available to match the letters (e.g. ant graphic for letter A)


- Kids want to have fun, and LetterSchool offers an educational journey with the most engaging and entertaining educational material!

- They learn with various exciting animations, graphics, and sound effects.

- They learn to associate letters with words, learn and memorize tracing directions and the correct formation of each character.

- Perfect for home-schooling kids and kindergartens. A friendly app for children with special educational needs.

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