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LEGO Education We Do

We started working with LEGO Education WeDo. The Robotics Construction set provides a kid-friendly approach that makes learning fun, inspiring, and engaging. It combines the LEGO bricks with one motor, two sensors, and a hub that connects the model to the computer, then drag-and-drop visual programming software brings the model to life. We learn about physics, engineering, programming and develop motor and cognitive skills through robot building, all as they have fun with LEGO bricks.

Here are our first six builds:

Plants and Pollinators

Modeled the relationship between a pollinator and flower during the reproduction phase.

Spy Robot

Introduces building and coding using the Motion Sensor.

Glowing Snail

Introduces building and coding using the Light Block.

Cooling Fan

Introduces building and coding using the Motor Power Block to make the motor turn at different speeds.

Moving Satellite

Introduces building and coding using the motor further, making it turn for a set amount of time and then change direction.

Milo, The Science Rover

Discover ways that scientists and engineers can use rovers to explore places where humans cannot go.

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