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How Clean Are Kid's Hands? Give this this eye-opening experiment a try.

Here's a fun experiment to do with kids to explain the importance of washing our hands amid Coronavirus.

Good HandWashing? Turn on the Black Light!

Thoroughly washing hands is a vital thing everyone can do to keep from getting sick or to keep from infecting others. Vigorous handwashing, for at least 20 seconds, and using soap, is the best way to lift off the microbes and rinse them. We have been singing the ABC song with my toddler, but in the end, instead, we sing.. "Now I know my ABCs. Do you think my hands are clean?"


Squirt a little of the Glo Germ Lotion on your hands and then scrub them. Break out the black light and discover all the "germs" you missed. This germ simulator lotion reacts under the blacklight to show you where the Lotion didn't get washed off. They will learn that "clean" hands may not be so clean after all.


  • Relate the importance of handwashing

  • Describe that germs may be present even if they are not seen


Step 1:

Rub one squirt of the Glo Germ Lotion into your hands to simulate germs.

Step 2:

Look at your hands under black light. Can you see the simulated germ glow?

Step 3:

Using soap and water, wash and then dry your hands like you usually would.

Step 4:

Use a black light to check your hands and see if any germs remain on your skin and fingernails. Any areas that glow under the black light will reveal any weak spots in your handwashing technique.

Step 5:

Improve your technique. Do you need to wash for a more extended time? Do you need to use more soap? Do you need to scrub your hands differently? What variable(s) could you change to clean the areas that the black light revealed?

Step 6:

Repeat steps 1-4, but try changing one variable at a time. Measure and write down your results. Repeat these steps until you are unable to see any spots under the black light.

This experiment helped convey the importance of proper handwashing. The Glo Germs Lotion appears under blacklight and showed areas where hands weren't thoroughly cleaned.

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