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Adapted Mind Platform - Grades 1-6

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Adapted Mind is a nice addition to our platform rotation and we cant wait to see what they build next. The graphics and the lessons are engaging with my 6-year-old. The platform supplies very basic math worksheets to print out and master alongside the digital work, if you so chose. After most lessons, I receive a progress report. This company provides back-end analytics on most of the topics we are working on and reports what we have learned.

The Adaptive Mind Science subjects include Dinosaurs, Weather, Rainforests, Space, Insects, Ocean, and Safari. It guides us through a curated youtube selection; after each video, we answer a comprehension question. My only complaint fo far is that I don't particularly appreciate sitting through the advertisements that come along with youtube.

The Language Arts section requires my support to read the stories, and they are simple yet enjoyable. My 3-year-old seems to enjoy the stories too. So far, we have only read two stories, and the questions are based on both comprehension and vocabulary.

We explored and completed their new Social Studies curriculum, as of right now, it is only Ancient Egypt. They are currently building the Stone Age & Ancient Greece. We hope they develop more soon.

Last but not least, we love the Growth Mindset series. The lesson on mistakes was particularly helpful for the perfectionist in both of us. Learning about how the brain works is essential for managing emotions. After your child completes an experience, Adaptive Mind sends you feedback and suggestions to enhance their learning.

We are all pleased with this platform addition to our rotation and cant wait to see what they build next.

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